Surgery Photos (Graphic)

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Most of these photos are from laparoscopic surgeries of various types. Some of these photos contain images of blood and body fluids. Not for the squeamish!
Dermoid Tumors of the Ovary

Dermoid tumorsalso known as benign cystic teratomas, are tumors that are composed of mature skin elements such as hair, sebum (hair oil) and even teeth! It's the fatty sebum that makes dermoid tumors dangerous because they can float when the body position is changed, putting the patient at risk for twisting of the ovary on its blood supply (ovarian torsion), a surgical emergency. If we remove them before this happens, we can preserve the ovary.
Dermoid drainage
We're draining the sebum from a very large dermoid tumor through a very small incision
Dermoid dissection
Now that the tumor is like an empty balloon, the tumor and the ovary stretched around it can be removed through the small incision.
Dermoid dissection
The tumor (right) can now be dissected from the ovary (left).
Dermoid completion
The ovary, minus the tumor, can now be replaced through the incision (about the size of a quarter)
Large dermoid tumor
Here's the tumor.
Laparoscopic dermoid
Dermoid tumors have a 20% chance of being on both sides. Here's a laparoscopic picture of 2 dermoid tumors, one in each ovary. The pink part in the middle on top is the uterus. The fallopian tubes are visible on each side.
Laparoscopic dermoid dissection
Here the left ovary is being peeled away from the tumor underneath.
Dermod hair
Here's the inside of the tumor. Lots of hair.

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